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Tunnel Ultrasonic Wind Velocity&Direction Detector
Model Number:USRegal Sonic 307
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Product Details

Product Introduction

The new USRegal Sonic 307 Ultrasonic Wind Speed/Direction Detector detects the horizontal wind speed and direction in ultrasonic principle. The detector is completely made in corrosion-resistant materials. The ultrasonic principle makes the measuring data more accurate and start measuring value lower. Measuring horizontal wind speed and direction with ultrasonic can solve the problem that wind cup is blocked, ensure the accuracy of wind speed measurement in any direction, and leave no dead angle or incomplete data. Comparing with traditional mechanical wind sensor, USRegal Sonic 307 has low threshold and no moveable parts, ensuring rigid structure and convenient maintenance. USRegal Sonic 307 starts heating automatically in low temperature, making the measurement possible in freezing and snowy weather. USRegal Sonic 307
integrates several digital and analog outputs, and also provides NMEA and RS232 digital output interface. Its flexible design allows setting transmitting in desired mode and select output unit and speed according to the provided software to ensure the accuracy and reliability.
The measuring principle of USRegal Sonic 307 bases on the ultrasonic transmission time between sensor probes. The required time that ultrasonic transmitted from one probe to another depends on the wind speed and ultrasonic path. The sensor measures the time of ultrasonic transmission from one probe to ultrasonic paths in two directions at the same time. If the wind speed is zero, the transmission time equals to the return time. The transmission time of wind between ultrasonic paths increases up the wind and decreases down the wind. By measuring the two transmission times, USRegal Sonic 307 micro-control unit calculates the wind speed between paths. The measured wind speed doesn’t affected by the height, temperature or humidity. USRegal Sonic 307 is an ultrasonic wind speed/direction sensor that real free of maintenance.

Product Feature

Stable performance; wear and tear of moveable parts won’t degenerate the accuracy
Made in corrosion-resistance material
Free of maintenance
Free of calibration
Compact structure
Output information can be set in the software
Data can be exported
Real 0~360° running