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Tunnel CO/VI detector
Model Number:USRegal Tunnel VICO 740
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Tunnel is a special tubular structure. With the increase of traffic volume, soot, diesel exhaust gas, carbon monoxide concentrations continuously rise, they not only cause harm to the environment, but also affects the visibility of the tunnel, such as not timely and reasonable emissions, will directly bring dangerous personnel and transportation .
USRegal Tunnel VICO Tunnel 740 is a special integratedCO, VI, NO, NO2 detection device, installed at the edge of the Tunnel wall, can detect CO, NO, NO2 gas concentration in the air and visibility, provide reliable basis for Tunnel ventilation and road traffic. VI analyzer consists of transmit/receive unit and reflection unit. The installation probe is 3 meters or 10 meters away, and the total reflection is 6 meters or 20 meters.
CO/NO/NO2 infrared absorption detection, gas correlation filtering technology, self-calibration and automatic zero function; Visibility: pulse visible light transmittance detection, self-calibration and automatic zero function.

Product Feature

Allow measuring visibility and CO concentration and NOX concentration
The analysis section shows the measurement curve
Adjust automatically after start-up
Low expense in installation, start-up and maintenance
The device integrates status display, failure alarm and data storage function, making the testing and maintenance more convenient
Allow being installed in long tunnel
Zero compensation, various output modes
Integrate fog probe at every tunnel front
Rigid stainless steel shell ensures IP68 protection class
lLong range, perfect and durable optical probe won’t be affected by environmental interference light Installation layout of REGAL Tunnel VICO 740 in tunnel