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Tunnel Light Intensity Detector
Model Number:USRegal Lux CS
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Product Details

Product Introduction

USRegal Lux CS is an on-site light intensity detector designed by U.S.A. REGAL Technology.Inc. Corporation according to the special requirement on lighting control in long tunnel.

The shell of USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector is made in high grade stainless steel and the protection class is IP66, ensuring the stability of the device in outdoor harsh environment. The front window is sealed with high strength trans-parent polycarbonate gasket and the tail is sealed with mobile gasket, making the connection of power supply and controller cable more convenient. The 24V internal heater minimizes the impact of temperature on photocells composed of silicon photodiode, ensuring the measurement accura-cy further.The new light intensity detector makes the entire lighting system more efficient. The system can adjust between natural lighting and artificial lighting accordingly, ensuring the driving safety and energy saving.

The USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector can measure the luminance between 0 and 10.000 cd/m2 within an acceptance angle subtending 20o, (as recommended by Commission Internationale de l′Eclairage, (C.I.E.), publication 88, 2004). It has been designed to withstand extremes of weather conditions with the complete electronic system contained within a water-proof,heated housing of powder coated steel with an IP66 protection rating.

USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector’s dimensions are 463 mm x 123 mm x 162 mm and the weight is 5 kg.

USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector allows transmission of digital data via bus communication RS-485 interfaces.

USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector equips with the washing and delete system that automatically cleans the surface of the protective glass luma meters. Washing and drying are controlled from the control unit.Washing the light intensity detector is supplied from its own reservoir tank capacity for self-cleaning of at least 5 liters of antifreeze.

USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector has a self-cleaning tank. The self-cleaning tank’s dimensions are 216 mm x 223 mm x 223 mm. The container’s weight is 3.5 kg.

Operating temperature of the USRegal LUX CS light intensity detector is in the range of -20 to 50℃.

Product Feature

Long range, perfect and durable optical probe

Temperature has little influence on the accuracy (internal heating keeps constant temperature)

The device integrates status display, failure alarm and data storage function, making the testing and mainte-nance more convenient